The smart solution for home-working during COVID-19

The Homeworker Buddy is a small device made by the company Re-Tail Mart. We are a small, Ltd company, housed at Wesleyan House, in  Stratford-upon-Avon. Our goal is to create products that people yearn for, yet aren’t found on your typical marketplace.

The creator of Homeworker Buddy had extensive experience working from home and used a similar device to keep his laptop alive, allowing him to free up time to do other things. As the COVID-induced lockdown caused home-working to be the new norm, the creator has therefore decided to share this helpful little ghost in the machine with other home-workers everywhere!

Ideally, this device should be used sensibly and when the need arises. If you would like to know more or perhaps would would like to promote or sponsor this device, please Contact Us!

Home-worker Buddy - Total Freedom
Homeworker buddy Total Freedom