Homeworker Buddy


A small device that connects to your computer to disable automatic sign-out and ‘Away’ statuses when you’re absent from your desk!

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It works when you don’t…

Plug this device into your computers USB port and it will keep your desktop running without your presence. With the HWB, there’s no needs to log back in when you come back to your desk. The device also sets your status as being active on any Instant Messaging software, such as Skype, Lync or Microsoft Teams. So while you go to pick the kids up or take a 2 hour lunch, your boss and team think you are hammering away at your keyboard. This device works with  your computer (MAC or PC) and you can carry on working normally when it is plugged in.

Weight70 g
Dimensions7 × 2.5 × 7 cm

1 review for Homeworker Buddy

  1. Neil O’Neil

    I have wanted something like this ever since the Covid-19 outbreak. Never did much homeworking before and did not realise that when I left my laptop alone for 15 minutes, my teams profile would show unavailable! Now this buddy has made working at home so much more relaxed. I so want to tell my other colleagues…but think it is best kept secret.

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